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"Abnormal" because we weren't sure if we hit a bot or something. People loved the approaches we used. Also, note how simple these methods are and how you can easily create email flows and revenue like the pros bringing in 8 figures or more

  • MC

    Maeva Cifuentes

    23 days ago #

    Great article Vaibhav! Personalisation is key, but how to stand out is always the question.
    True story: one time we received a personalised "no thank you- not interested email" back from an outreach. It even got a video and some info from our website in it. 😁

  • IW

    Insignia Wm

    22 days ago #

    Amazing article Vaibhav!

  • SC

    Sudeep Chauhan

    22 days ago #

    Site won't load for me :/

  • JW

    Jane W.

    21 days ago #

    That's brilliant! Thx

  • HN

    Hà Nguyên Anh

    20 days ago #

    Great article!

  • AG

    Anthony Gaenzle

    19 days ago #

    This is great. Personalization is a powerful tool, but a lot of businesses shy away from it. Maybe it’s because it adds a layer of complexity or they just don’t have the time to think about it. Whatever the case, adding a layer of personalization can pay off in major ways.

  • SS

    Sanjeev Singh

    18 days ago #

    Great post

  • HT

    Helen Toto

    17 days ago #

    Great read; I can say that I have used one of the strategies here, and it worked for me. Personalized ice breakers can make you feel special. There is a big chance of getting them to read the rest of your email and get back to you.