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We all love the holiday season.

But putting Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas presents and general festive cheer aside, it’s a great time of year for marketers to sink their teeth into a meaty marketing campaign that captures people when they’re likely to be purchasing gifts for their loved ones.

The holiday season is when brands all over the world bring their best promos and offers to customers in an attempt to snap-up a slice of the $3.19 trillion revenue that’s made within a few short weeks.

The average U.S. person spends $906 on Christmas gifts every year, making it a fantastic opportunity for both online and offline brands to give a final revenue boost before the year comes to a close.

To help you take advantage of the holiday season splurge, you’ll need to create an incredible marketing campaign that puts your brand at the forefront of your ideal customer’s mind.

But is there something more powerful to convince your customers to purchase their holiday gifts, other than the standard offers, discount codes and free shipping coupons?

The simple answer is yes.

To help your brand drive more sales into one of the most profitable annual events, you’ll need to develop a clever campaign that will put their businesses to the top… Which is often easier said than done since thousands of competitors are likely to bring their A-game.

We all want a slice of the trillion dollars that’s up for grabs, right?

In this guide, we’re sharing five incredible ideas to help you create an awesome holiday marketing campaign—along with why you’ll need to start preparation now.

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