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New from Animalz: We're lucky to work with some of the top SaaS brands in the world. The opportunity to chat strategy with some of the best minds in the industry and get access to dozens of Google Analytics installs is not something we take lightly. Our insights are informed by experience and data.

Today, we present to you 50 of the most important things we've learned about content marketing over the last few years. These are the ideas that propel the best blogs on the web and can help you level yours up too. Here are 11—check out the rest on our blog.

  1. The fundamental problem with content marketing is that non-subject matter experts are writing for subject matter experts. There are a few ways to work around this but nothing beats the simplest approach: develop subject matter expertise.
  2. The thing that makes a blog great is often the thing that makes it hard to replicate. Unless your market is not competitive, find a formula that sets you apart. As we like to say, do it better or do it differently.
  3. The best traffic is silent—organic traffic doesn't typically trigger shares, tweets, comments, etc. Be content with silence, assuming it's delivering readers and customers.
  4. 100,000 monthly readers is a SaaS benchmark. Very few ever achieve it. It requires a sound strategy, great writing, and time.
  5. You don't need an audience. If search is your primary acquisition channel, you'll never build a true audience. Instead, you'll tap into a continuous stream of people with a problem to solve.
  6. If you have a lack of alignment between content and product, it can mean that as your blog grows, your signups don't. It's a way more common mistake than you might expect. Create content for every part of the funnel, not just the top.
  7. Get technical SEO right. Building a site that meets technical SEO requirements will provide a massive lift over time. Kevin Indig, SEO Lead at Atlassian, says that most sites only implement 20% of technical SEO best practices. Get the basics right.
  8. Great content has texture. Words, rich media, subheads, and quotes are neatly arranged to keep readers moving through the piece.
  9. Companies go public without content all the time. Dropbox and Spotify are about to go public, but you don't hear much about their content strategy. Great products can be supported by content but not the other way around.
  10. Email is necessary for many reasons, but it isn't great for driving traffic. It's better than many channels, but pales in comparison to organic search. Email does, however, drive targeted traffic. Vero found that traffic from email stayed on the site 67% longer than organic traffic
  11. Google indexed about 754 pages per second between March 2013 and November 2016. You need to be extremely good to stand out.

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