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When creating a customer survey, it helps to have some examples of effective questions other companies have used in their surveys.

That’s why we created this list of 50 survey question examples, broken down by category, based on the type of survey you’d like to create. We’ve also included an explanation for how each question can be helpful given your desired goal.

--Survey types--

Product/Market Fit:
Use these product-fit questions to help identify your customers and the benefits they receive from your product or service.

Market Research:
Use these market research questions to help you identify what customers value most in their life or their career.

Online Habits:
These questions will help you determine how customers use the internet and where they spend most of their time online.

Employee Satisfaction:
Use employee-satisfaction questions to gauge the overall happiness of your employees.

Customer Service:
Use these questions to gain feedback from customers about the quality of your products or the effectiveness of your customer support.