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The world as we know it has changed, thanks to the advent of COVID-19. We are in the midst of arguably the most significant healthcare crisis the world has ever seen, and it continues to unfold.

The impact of the pandemic has been unprecedented. From our lifestyle to the effect on the global economy, businesses, and consumer behavior, everything is undergoing a tectonic shift.

It is hard to draw parallels to the current situation with any historical incident, leaving brands scurrying for a new, effective marketing and communication strategy.

Are you running a business of your own? Are you facing the need to alter your marketing strategies because of the massive impact of COVID-19? Are you struggling with the right user engagement strategy to maintain your brand relevance, and not sound tone-deaf?

To answer some of these questions, I decided to seek clarity from leading marketing experts from various businesses. The idea was to understand what folks from diverse verticals are doing regarding engagement and curate multiple opinions about the most effective communication and engagement strategy.

I have managed to get insights from over 50 marketing experts about a key question – ‘How has COVID impacted their business, and what strategy have they adopted in terms of user-engagement?’

Here is a list of all the insightful answers from the marketing champions I reached out to.