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Advice on social media is everywhere. The right advice on the right tools from the right PEOPLE … is rare.

What if you could peek inside the minds of marketing’s most influential leaders to find out (1) their all-time favorite social-media tool, (2) why they love it, and (3) what it looks like in action?

That’s what I did. And 50 of today’s top marketers weighed in.

Find out what tools they chose — and let me know in the comments if they missed your own favorite …

1. Ann Handley
2. Joe Pulizzi
3. Joanna Wiebe
4. Neil Patel
5. Mari Smith
6. Rand Fishkin
7. Brian D. Evans
8. Jeff Bullas
9. Candice Galek
10. Jason Miller
11. Brian Clark
12. Larry Kim
13. Sam Hurley
14. Cammi Pham
15. Steve Rayson
16. Ross Simmonds
17. Pam Moore
18. Jay Baer
19. Griffin Thall
20. Michael Brenner
21. Andy Crestodina
22. Rachel Pedersen
23. Shane Barker
24. Murray Newlands
25. Josh Steimle
26. Sujan Patel
27. Johnathan Dane
28. John Rampton
29. Neal Schaffer
30. Ed Leake
31. Gerry Moran
32. Brian Dean
33. Glen Gilmore
34. Matthew Toren
35. Amy Porterfield
36. Kristi Hines
37. Shayla Price
38. Everette Taylor
39. Daniel Knowlton
40. Scott Stratten
41. Kevan Lee
42. Diana Adams
43. William Harris
44. Benji Hyam
45. Jon Morrow
46. Monina Wagner
47. Chirag Kulkarni
48. Nadya Khoja
49. Heidi Cohen
50. Tommy Walker

  • VK

    Vanky Kataria

    3 months ago #

    This is such a great share! Absolutely amazing!Aaron Orendorff is no wonder one of the best content marketers on the planet.He is the best in the business!

  • SH

    Sam Hurley

    3 months ago #

    Thanks for another AWESOME beast of a post, Aaron! :D

    Lots of juicy Social Media goodness here — Enough to last anybody the rest of the year!!!

    I really appreciate the inclusion, man! :)))

    P.S. What tool is your favorite?!

    • SB

      Shane Barker

      3 months ago #

      I have to agree with Sam!

      Aaron always brings the heat but this time he brought the FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥

      Thanks again brother man!

      • AO

        Aaron Orendorff

        3 months ago #

        Thanks go right back at you, Shane!!!!!

      • SH

        Sam Hurley

        2 months ago #

        Nice one, Shane!! Totally!! This man is a machine!! :))))

        ** BOWS TO AARON **

        (P.S. Hey, when did emojis begin to work here?!)

        I'm gonna test a few now...


    • AO

      Aaron Orendorff

      3 months ago #

      I am always happy to have you involved, Mr. Hurley … 50% for your insight, 50% for the flood of Twitter gifs that follow in the wake of sharing something you've been involved in <3 <3 <3

      • SH

        Sam Hurley

        2 months ago #

        HAHAHA! I'm very happy with those percentages, Mr Orendorff. xD

        You just know there would be a GIF to mark the special occasion right here, if possible ... I'll do a text version instead!


  • MU

    Magdalena Urbaniak

    3 months ago #

    It's good to have a chance to read a juicy post about REALLY useful tools. I found a couple of them for myself and feel totally proud to see Brand24 on SUCH a list. Thank you very much, Aaron, for keeping it all together here. Bog thanks to Jon Rampton who recommended us! cheers!

    • AO

      Aaron Orendorff

      3 months ago #

      My favorite part of this was you were the FIRST person to notice the post went live … what's the expressions? "Eating your own dog food." (I think that's how Mark Cuban puts it anyway)

  • EB

    Eric Bond

    3 months ago #

    I would recommend to include Mordy Glaser, he is the best!

  • IS

    Imran Sheikh

    3 months ago #

    Very nice written post of Aaron! You've got one more regular follower in your account. Keep it up!

  • IK

    Igor Kholkin

    3 months ago #

    Nice roundup! Followed.

  • DL

    Davenport Laroche

    2 months ago #

    Great stuff here! Thanks for sharing.

  • PB

    Pete Boyle

    2 months ago #

    Absolutely awesome list Aaron!

    Gonne have to spend some time going through this and seeing what else I can add (and what I can cut/refine) from my own social media marketing tools!

  • JD

    Joshua Derbyshire

    2 months ago #

    > I like to keep things simple and streamlined: Less is more.
    I also like IFTTT. I'm using it and I love it.
    I totally agree. Great article!

  • KR

    Karl Reynolds

    2 months ago #

    Very insightful and useful. Thanks!

  • SP

    Shreekant Patil

    26 days ago #

    Absolutely great stuff Aaron, I too agree, you'll get one more follower for sure and it help me for my business.

  • AS

    Alexander Shpilka

    20 days ago #

    Cool stuff!

  • KA

    Kritesh Abhishek

    13 days ago #

    This post was really massive and helpful. Appreciate your efforts. +1 follower. Cheers!!

  • PG

    Pravin Gupta

    7 days ago #

    Really good information .. Becoz many More persona finding who are the best ! !

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