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Digital Marketing is omnipresent. It’s almost impossible to use the internet these days without bumping into some form of it.

Well, almost impossible

We’ve all seen eye-catching logos, entertaining product descriptions, or popups on your favorite website. And we’ve all definitely received emails advertising last-minute deals.

It's all tied to one thing – marketing.


An average person may not pay attention to all this, but the marketers behind these types of advertisements are working hard to get it seen by you, the potential customer.

To keep up with trends that can rise as quickly as they disappear, we usually follow one or two reliable information sources on the topic.
Although thousands of websites write about marketing, it’s not possible to check out all of them.

That's where our team at MarketSplash comes in 👏🏼

We checked both old and new marketing blogs and created a list of the 50 best marketing blogs to follow this year.

Honestly, all the blogs below are great and there’s something for everyone.

This article is primarily for you guys who work closely with marketing, but if anyone is curious enough to research deeply on this, you are most welcome!

  • LS

    Lisa Sicard

    about 1 month ago #

    Learning who your readers are is key and having a list for email marketing is a must before you start.