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In this post, I’ll go through the expected social media trends of 2019. Some of them are already here, and growing slowly, but aren’t at full hype just yet. Some are big and booming, and expected to get even bigger in 2019.

  • KT

    Kevin T

    6 months ago #

    Thanks for sharing this Alina! As the author Aleh points out, one of the 5 trends will be Personalization. In the email marketing industry, this is very important, and can often make the difference between whether your email will reach the inbox or the spam folder. This post https://quickemailverification.com/blog/12-tips-to-prevent-emails-from-going-to-spam-folder/ mentions it as one of the 12 most important things to do to keep your email falling into the spam folder.

    I have a question for Aleh in connection with the Personalization. Aside from using names (e.g. starting the email with "Hi Joe") and serving ads depending upon the purchase history or browsing history, what else can marketers do to really personalize the experience without "unsettling" customers, as Aleh puts it?

    • EQ

      Emily Quirq

      6 months ago #

      what do you think on social media? you think email marketing is more effective? I have 1 business account on Instagram now and use ingramer.com to grow engagement, because I need to show my art to the world. It's light and colors paintings which everyone might find beautiful.

  • SK

    Savelii Kovalenko

    6 months ago #

    Thanks for sharing! SMM is something we at our company definitely want to work on in the upcoming year. Can't wait to see how social media will change in a year.

  • PM

    PreBuilt Marketing

    6 months ago #

    You forgot AI http://getprebuiltmarketing.com the first Social Media Marketing Artificial Intelligence (AI) app that writes your content, builds campaigns for you and analyzes the results.

  • KV

    Kathir Vel

    6 months ago #

    Great share

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