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Sales pitches may differ for different organizations, depending on the type of industry they are operating in. But figuring out which pitch works best for their conversion metrics could be a tough job! Sales associates adopt multiple techniques to communicate with the clients – some work and some may not work. Although, there are a few lessons that you need to know while formulating your next sales pitch. 1. Story-telling sells No one wants to know how good is your product but they definitely want to know how your product or service can resolve their problems. So what do you plan to do in such a situation? Story-telling is the best way to convert your prospects. Share your clientele stories about how they benefited from your product, emphasizing the similar problems they have been facing. Such a strategy stays and your prospects better resonate with your product. 2. Listening helps While you try to persuade your prospects by speaking to them, it is important for you to listen to their problems as well. Try to create a sentiment in their minds that creates trust for you and they start considering you as the only problem solver for their issues. By listening to them to speak, it makes them comfortable. This leads to doing easy business. 3. Immediately address queries No matter however you reach out to your prospects, it is important that you address their concerns on a timely basis. For instance, many organizations use missed call alert service as one of their marketing channels. This allows a prospect to simply express interest in the product by giving a missed call. The crucial aspect in such a channel is to get back to the people who have connected through an IVR, immediately. 4. Right prospects stay There might be a lot of prospects that you are targeting through your marketing campaigns. But to know how to increase sales through these campaigns, you also need to know that all prospects are not always fit. Consider asking these questions to your prospects, before winning a deal: • What are you looking for? • What is your budget? • When do you want it? 5. Existing pipeline returns Before going ahead and spending dollars on your new marketing initiatives, did you clear your existing sales pipeline. While reaching out to potential customers in the market, you should re-explore your pipeline or sales CRM to know if there any existing opportunities you have missed out on. Prospects are innocent when it comes to realizing their pain-points but intelligent when the conversation is about spending money. Creating value for your product or service can only be done with careful sales measures in place. Let us know what you think about the sales strategy in general in the comments section, below.

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