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It’s important to know about cognitive biases for a number of reasons. First, just for yourself. Knowing your cognitive imperfections and imperfections of other people makes you better in making judgements, decision-making, voicing opinion, etc. I know this might not sound like your life goal, but it does bring you closer to understanding reality the way it really is. Second, it helps to understand all ways in which you’re being manipulated as a consumer, because no one uses cognitive biases as effectively as advertisers, politicians, and others that aim to persuade. Third, it shows you the ways to improve your own attempts at selling your products or your ideas.

  • CZ

    Chintan Zalani

    10 months ago #

    Thank you for the detailed break down of the five biases, Alina. I hadn't read the certainty effect before - loved the greedy step sister example, haha!

  • YP

    Yulia Peleneva

    9 months ago #

    Great post, Alina! Thanks for sharing it. To be honest, I'm always curious about this types of post because cognitive science & psychology are my fav topics after digital marketing, of course.

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