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Top 5 B2C marketing techniques B2B companies can benefit from, get new leads, and turn them into customers.

  • IS

    Irina Sluchinskaya

    28 days ago #

    thanks, this is helpful

  • KK


    27 days ago #

    what is b2b and b2c

    • IY

      Isabel Yu

      23 days ago #

      “B2B” stands for “business to business,” while “B2C” means “business to consumer.” B2B businesses sell products and services directly to other businesses. ... B2C businesses sell products and services to customers for personal use. This can include cruises, clothing, cars, landscaping services and (obviously) so much more.

  • MJ

    Madiha Jamal

    25 days ago #

    Such a detailed post. The challenging task is to make your content speak to your target audience. Often it sounds simple, but actually, it's not.

  • AJ

    Ayush Jain

    13 days ago #

    Great post! I'd like to add one more to this- " Personalize your content according to your target audience."