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There are many ways to reach your target audience then why spend time in building an eCommerce email list?

Well, there is this study that found that ROI of email is more than 4 times higher than other channels like paid search, social media, display, etc. In the same study, it was also revealed that email is way more profitable to use in comparison to other channels.

Also, it is relatively more easy to convince someone to give their email id rather than asking them to buy a product.

For the new eCommerce store owners, it is imperative that they soon start building an email list as it gives them the opportunity to convert them into buyers.

In here we are going to discuss tactic which can lead to an increase in the subscription rate.

Opt-In Forms

Going for the opt-in form is the most common way of building your eCommerce email lists. Most of the eCommerce platforms by default offer email Opt-In forms integrated into the stores. Having said this, placing the Opt-In forms strategically is the key to get a higher subscription rate.

A study shows that typical Opt-In forms have less than a 1% subscription rate. This figure varies between different kinds of Opt-In form positions. Typically, an eCommerce store will have the Opt-In form in the footer section. This is based on the assumption that visitors should be lead to subscription form only when they have gone through the entire page content.

Originally published at https://www.qeretail.com on September 23, 2018.

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