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  • LK

    Lachlan Kirkwood

    9 months ago #

    Great article. From my own experience, I've found that adding multiple CTA's throughout a landing page can actually help drive more conversions.

    By adding an additional CTA at the bottom of a landing page, we were able to educate users before encouraging them to convert.

    Every brand is different, so I think it's important to measure the performance and make data-driven optimisations đź‘Ť

    • KT

      Kalina Tyrkiel

      9 months ago #

      Thanks for your insights, Lachlan! I would definitely agree – a CTA at the bottom makes much more sense than one at the top :)

  • ZT

    ZealousWeb Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    9 months ago #

    Thanks for updating the valuable info.