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There are plenty of ways to make incremental progress, but that’s not what we’re looking for. We’re looking for small changes and big impact. Here are the five content marketing power laws we live by and recommend to all of our customers.

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    Greg Roth

    over 1 year ago #

    Thought this article had some great key takeaways:

    1) Content that lives alone, dies alone. So, stick to one topic build a cohesive evergreen library of content that covers that topic from every angle. The content should be well organized and build off itself. Tactically this will help you in search engines and grow in your own knowledge of that topic.

    2) Understand that compounding growth is the only growth. For SaaS companies SEO is your unfair advantage, however, there are no shortcuts. Invest in evergreen content and plan to stick with it long enough to see the returns.

    3) Write to pay the bills. Which means: write engaging content but make sure you focus on the fundamentals: write to your target market, write about your product, optimize for keywords and optimize for conversions (e.g., capture emails).

    4) Nail the writing/promotion ratio. Spend more time promoting in the early days. As you gain traction, it’s easier to get articles ranked. Talked about using "Growth Editors", which was a title I hadn't heard of and had to look up.

    5) Content promotion is mostly asking favors from people you've built goodwill with. Share other people’s articles before they ask Offer helpful feedback about their writing, SEO, design, etc. Ask people for quotes and link back to their sites Refer customers their way Sing their praises on social media (without pandering).

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