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What is the marketing strategy used by CleverTap?

At CleverTap, we use a mix of growth marketing and growth hacking. We use the 4Ps - Product, Price, Placement and Promotion to make sure our message aligns with our offer. Marketing 101 focuses on understanding your customer and we make sure all our plans have the customer experience as a top priority. Based on the TAM in various geographies and across various verticals, we define a beachhead that helps us to focus and message our product optimally. In order to build strong go-to-market campaigns - via self-service, high-touch sales or strategic channel partners - we work closely with the relevant stakeholders to craft and execute relevant marketing strategies. We have amazing customers such as Sony, Vodafone, Book My Show and more. We are currently in the process of building marketing assets that will help us to amplify the opportunities these brands have uncovered using CleverTap.

Are startups doing enough to market their products?

Start-ups can definitely do more. They can:

A. Get the right tools:

i. Evernote: It helps to organize all the tasks relevant to your business. It arranges all the innovative ideas that make you who you are and keep them synced across all devices so you don’t have to worry about remembering where you put that concept, note, or customer quote.