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It’s one of the most popular marketing strategies to make money online. Virtually all of the big companies have an affiliate program. Amazon is a notable one.

You need to have a good strategy to maximize your sales with affiliate marketing. Your goal is to refer as many sales.

There are right and wrong ways to do affiliate marketing. In this post, I’m going to give you 5 affiliate marketing tips that will boost your sales.

First, I wanna define two terms: Click-through rate (CTR) and conversion. The CTR is the percentage of people that click on your affiliate link. Conversion is the percentage of those people who buy the product.

1. Use Keywords With Buyer Intent

A buyer intent keyword means that the person searching the keyword has the intention of buying.

For example, if someone searches for “best laptops under $1000”, that’s pretty clearly a buyer intent keyword. But the keyword “cool laptops” doesn’t have a clear buyer intent.

It’s important that you go after keywords that have buyer intent, because those will make you the most sales.

So for your affiliate marketing strategy, write articles with buyer intent keywords. Product review articles and “top 10 best products” are great examples of it.

These articles will convert much better, because people who read them are in a buying mood. They’re likely to click on your affiliate link and make a purchase!

2. Place An Affiliate Link Early In The Blog Post

This is a strategy to improve your CTR.

Most people that end up on an article don’t read the full article. They just read the title and skim the post. And many of them don’t even read at all past the first paragraph.

This is why you should make your first paragraph as interesting as possible. You need to draw the attention of your reader and keep it.

You can also put an affiliate link in your first paragraph to get the most link clicks. This is a strategy that many bloggers use with success.

You can do this without appearing promotional. For example, if your article is about the best laptops, then your first sentence can be “I found that HP Pavilion 15 is the best laptop under $1000” and you can put a link for people to buy the laptop.

In some cases, you can also put a link in your featured image (the first image in your post). People will click on it, especially if it’s an image of a product.

So, if you place an affiliate link early in the post, you’ll get more clicks and sales. Make sure that the placement makes sense and doesn’t look promotional.

3. Refer Products With A High Commission

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