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Recently, we wanted to write about the best practices in reporting. This time, instead of asking ourselves we decided to survey 1000+ expert marketers worldwide, including our very own clients, for their best reporting tips. We gathered an incredible amount of useful tips and tricks. 

Take a look at what the best in the business had to say!

And since you're experts too, what's your best reporting tip? We'd love to hear from the Growth Hackers out there! 

  • MC

    Melinda Curle

    10 months ago #

    Great post. My take-away was to keep it simple. Data can get complicated and overwhelming. The best practice in reporting is to ensure that they understand it by keeping it simple.

    • ML

      Marie Lamonde

      10 months ago #

      Thank you Melinda! You are absolutely right! Keeping it simple is the key to great reporting! :)

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