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LinkedIn is a B2B gold mine...

I love LinkedIn. It's become my go-to platform for finding top content. Don't just take it from me though – It's also become the go-to for most Fortune 500 decision-makers and executives. It's their most-used social platform, above the likes of Facebook & Twitter.

The best part?

More often than not, they’re scrolling through actively looking for valuable content to read. There isn’t the same barrier you need to break down like on Facebook or Twitter. They’re not there to find Buzzfeed quizzes, wedding photos, or memes. They’re looking for content that can change the way they do business, which is most definitely music to the ears of a B2B marketer.

Naturally, I wanted to dig even deeper...

I wanted to find out just how much of an impact LinkedIn can have on your overall marketing strategy, what type of content performs the best on LinkedIn, and how to cut through the noise and leverage it to it's utmost potential.

I scraped every corner of the world wide web and found some of the best research from studies conducted by HubSpot, Business Insider, Content Marketing Institute, BuzzSumo, OkDork.com, and more. The end result is a pretty extensive list highlighting the 45 most important LinkedIn stats EVERY B2B Marketer needs to know, published over on the FoundationInc.co blog. Everything from how many B2B leads come from LinkedIn to how to write the perfect LinkedIn article title that’ll maximize your reach.

Check it out, bookmark it, and start dominating on LinkedIn...

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