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First impressions are everything, and it’s especially true when it comes to user onboarding. That’s why it’s so crucial to obsessively perfect your onboarding flow. Without a rock-solid foundation of user onboarding, your new sign-ups are lost in the wilderness.

User onboarding is your window of opportunity to unlock the real value of your app—get it right, and you build the behaviors and patterns of use that will lead to long-term retention and real growth for your company.

User Onboarding In-App

  1. Codeless Onboarding with Appcues
  2. A Hopscotch product tour
  3. Do it yourself with JavaScript and jQuery tooltips
  4. Progress bars with intro.js
  5. Humanize onboarding with Wistia
  6. Single Sign-on with Auth0
  7. Show them a familiar face with gravatar
  8. Mobile push notifications with Leanplum
  9. Create a tutorial with iShowu


  1. Personalize email with autosend.io
  2. Send trigger-based emails with Customer.io
  3. Segment like a pro with vero
  4. Sign them up for your newsletter with Mailchimp
  5. Personalize outreach with Close.io

A/B Testing

  1. Optimize onboarding with Optimizely
  2. Test away with Apptimize


  1. Double down on the stickiness with Amplitude
  2. Visualize onboarding through KISSmetrics
  3. Optimize onboarding with Mixpanel
  4. Predict the future with Framed.io
  5. Find out who’s serious with Totango
  6. Centralize data with Segment

User Testing and Surveys

  1. Watch and learn with Inspectlet
  2. Test the Wow! with UserTesting
  3. Get their opinions with Qualaroo
  4. Create a free Typeform survey
  5. Mobile touch heatmaps with Appsee


  1. Have a chat using Olark
  2. Unlock the data behind the issues with Livechat
  3. Use HelpScout’s customer support tickets
  4. Let them serve themselves with Zendesk
  5. Beautiful 404 pages with Statuspage.io


  1. Get all the demographic info you want with Clearbit
  2. Roll out the red carpet with Drift daily
  3. Onboarding is the perfect time to ask for a referral with Extole
  4. Helpshift and 5 Star Reviews

User onboarding resources

  1. User Onboard
  2. User Onboarding Academy
  3. Really Good Emails
  4. UX Archive
  5. Crayon.co
  6. Empty States