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Companies indulged a lot in enhancing customer experience with complete focus on the website.

There is a high time to develop a smooth onboarding program to boost in-app CX.

Stats says it all!!

Mobile users are spending 87 percent of their time in apps, versus just 13 percent on the web. (ComScore)

There is a need to implement various onboarding techniques in order to boost engagement and chances of in-app conversion can be an all-time high.

A glimpse of some techniques:-

Easy to signup - There is a need to create an effective onboarding platform which facilitates sign up process.

Real-time support with  touch - Companies can start using cobrowsing software to deliver real-time support whenever user stuck in the onboarding process.

Streamline in-app navigation - For slashing churn and to enhance retention rate, companies can invest their resources to build effective in-app navigation for finding products/services.

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