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This is a 2 minute read about how I launched 2 products on Product Hunt.

With one I passed the 1000 upvote count and got a golden kitten nomination(B2C product), and with the second won #1 in Tech (B2B product) on the day that I launched, my strategy was simple, and anyone can do this with proper preparation.

  • MB

    Mike Barwick

    almost 3 years ago #

    Thanks tips! Question - what kind of product growth (i.e. traffic, downloads, etc.) were a result of top placement on ProductHunt?

    • HP

      Haim Pekel

      almost 3 years ago #

      Hi Mike,

      If I understand your question correctly, you're asking how launching a product on Product Hunt aided our growth efforts, right?

      Ghost For Chat
      The first spike (traffic) was on launch day (3.5K), the second one is after a round of PR, few days later (6.5K) PR as well, the third spike was provided also after PR (4.5K), mostly foreign, forth huge international PR gave us a serious spike (24.5K). We ran a successful email campaign after with 5680 hits to the website and the last is from the Golden kitten award (5K), I'm only including the numbers at the head of the spikes, of course there is more, this data was gathered over a period of approx. 6 months:

      Our conversion rate was always around 4% and it jumped to 7%-8% during Product Hunt competitions PR rounds.

      Email List Verify, it's a product with a lot of users, so PH was not that instrumental in terms of traffic (2875 on launch day)...had some spikes sure, but not something out of the ordinary like Ghost (who ads prior 100 visits per day and now has about 500-1000).

      Conversion rates on Email List Verify are about 7%, normal conversion rate is around 5%-6%.

  • LN

    Loukman Nacik

    almost 3 years ago #

    Great tips 👌🏼

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