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This article lists my proven strategies for increasing conversions from your next Facebook ads campaign. These optimizations and tips are based on my experience testing and spending over $1,000,000 on Facebook ads and generating over 200,000 conversions for my clients. Would love to hear your thoughts, comments and questions.


  1. Get the Facebook pixel on your site long before you start advertising
  2. Don't sell to cold audiences on FB
  3. Promote gated content on Facebook
  4. Freemium or free trials can work great on cold audiences
  5. Don't put too much focus on gaining fans
  6. Promote blog material in order to cookie more people for your retargeting campaigns
  7. Use UTM tags to track your Facebook ads traffic better in Google Analytics
  8. Use ad management software to create automated optimization rules
  9. Monitor leads from Facebook further down your sales funnel to make sure they are generating ROI
  10. Make sure your product and sales funnel are awesome before you start investing heavily in paid ads


  1. Use daily budgets
  2. Alwyas start with oCPM
  3. oCPM bidding works best with audiences of over 500,000 people
  4. Try using CPM for retargeting
  5. Test with small budgets and scale up when you find something that works
  6. Start ad sets targeting broad and then refine based on your data
  7. If you aren't getting enough volume of impressions with oCPM, try setting a maximum target CPA


  1. Rotate ad creatives frequently
  2. Download our swipe file for inspiration for your ads
  3. Make sure your ads don't have more than 20% text in your images
  4. Monitor negative comments on your ads
  5. Share the same dark post across multiple ad sets
  6. Delet comments from trolls
  7. Don't delete posts from people who have legitimate complaints. 
  8. Pause ads with too many negative comments


  1. Tier your retargeting campaign for "hot" prospects who visitied pricing page
  2. Lookalike audiences based on conversion pixel are usually the top performers
  3. Facebook reps recommend having at least 25 conversions per day to create a lookalike audience based on pixel
  4. You should have at least 5,000 people in cutsom audience to build an accurate lookalike audience
  5. Exclude custom audiences of people who have already converted from all your campaigns
  6. Try targeting specific people or companies


  1. Test right column ads. They often work better than desktop
  2. Mobile ads are great for awareness and content promotion campaigns
  3. Facebook Video ads usually work the best on mobile. You'll generate lowest cost per view on mobile
  4. Start testing Instagram ads. you can manage them from the Power Editor together with your Facebook ads


  1. Try running different ad sets for different placements
  2. Combine multiple small countries into a single ad set
  3. Avoid having multiple ad sets targeting the same audience