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Ecommerce Strategies from BombTech Golf -Use video: Proof of concept is important in golf, and plenty of other industries. Double down where you competitors aren’t and use your passion to prove not only the quality of your product, but to also grow brand love through your personality. -Treat your product pages like landing pages: Landing pages are all about getting someone to take a specific action. That’s exactly what your product page should do –– using clear CTAs and exciting proofs of concept (i.e. video) to engage visitors. Better yet, video on product pages increases that page’s search visibility –– driving in increased brand visibility and traffic from organic search. -Hire the experts: Once you’ve found something that works, hire experts to take it the final mile. This is especially important for lean businesses –– like Sully’s. You may be experiencing exponential growth, but that’s no reason to think you know best. Talk to influencers and experts. Find out what works best –– and get help to execute it better than not only your competitors, but anyone else out there. The 10X Ecommerce Slack channel is a great place for that, if you aren’t already using something else.

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