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Start your 2021 with improved Facebook advertising results. Here's a 30-minute Facebook ad audit recipe that anyone can follow through, based on my experience managing ad campaigns as small as $1,000/month spend to $1,000,000+ yearly expenses.

Ad campaign level:

➟ Are the ad campaigns set up with the correct structure?

➟ Does the ad account have remarketing and re-engagement campaigns?

Ad set level:

➟Are all ad sets optimized on the correct goals? Is Facebook Pixel set up?

➟ Do all ad sets collect enough conversions for algorithms to learn?

➟ Which target audiences are being used? Are they optimal?

➟ Does the account use Lookalike audiences and Custom audiences?

Ad level:

➟ Are there static ads in all correct sizes?

➟ Do your Facebook ads look overall attractive?

➟ Do your video ads follow all of the best practices?

➟ Is your ads’ post-click experience converting?