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We did 3 experiments with the Widewail team on Linkedin to help answer the question: How much can employees help spread brand messages on social?

Here's what we tried:

1. Share media internally, each employee creates a unique post on their personal Linkedin.

2. Distribute the link to the brand post internally, each employee re-shares the brand post.

3. Tag each employee in a post, each employee leaves a comment.

Behind this is the idea that social media is powerful, yet hard to master for the vast majority of local businesses.

Adoption of social advertising is staggering - 98% of Facebook revenue came from advertising in 2020 - with a 30% increase in the average price per ad and 12% more ads delivered when comparing Q1 2021 to Q1 2020. That's significant growth.

But are ads the answer? Isn't social about building community and searching for those "micro-viral" moments as a local business? Socials ads absolutely have a place in the mix, but should we just give up on organic so easily?

Our thinking is no, not yet. On social people follow people, so it makes sense to harness the enthusiasm of employees, friends, family, and other advocates to help spread the word.

Read the post to see how each experiment performed.