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Content and SEO have a complicated relationship.

SEO has a history of making content worse. A decade ago, the internet was filled with low-quality and robotic 300-word pieces, and frankly, SEO was to blame. That turned many writers and editors off of SEO for a long time—probably even to this day in some circles.

But the truth is that content and SEO need each other. A single piece of high-ranking content can drive traffic to a site for years to come. Content posted to social or distributed through an email newsletter has a significantly shorter lifespan.

So how do you marry SEO and content together in a way that lets you please both your audience and the search engine algorithms?

  • JR

    jayson roberts

    6 months ago #

    This is one of the best and most comprehensive articles I've seen on the topic. Thanks for sharing!

  • VK

    Viktoria Klochkova

    5 months ago #

    Thanks for the clear and educative article!
    Successful SEO really requires high-quality content. But how do you think, is it effective to use content for your business growth if you don't have SEO specialist?

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