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E-commerce continues to grow exponentially, but with the growth of the market comes even more competition. If you are going to do all you can to earn as much as you can, you need to take advantage of every tool available. Many businesses have already gained a headstart by choosing BigCommerce to build their store. The platform has an extensive list of built-in features well-suited to most eCommerce applications. However, to take your store to a new level of efficiency and customer experience, you may need something more. Fortunately, if you are using BigCommerce as your eCommerce solution, there is a vast selection of apps ready to help you increase your sales. Whatever your specific growth needs, there is an app to help.

  • MK

    Mayank Kumar

    8 months ago #

    I just wanted to know which one will you prefer out of BigCommerce and Shopify and why? Actually, I have chosen Shopify for my store https://therugscafe.com, and I'm not sure that is it worth it

    • DB

      Damian Biricevski

      8 months ago #

      Thank you for your question. If you use Shopify, I recommend that you try our Personizely app. Our app will help you to optimize conversion rates and increase your average order value with targeted widgets and website personalization. If you want to discuss how we can help The Rugs Cafe to increase sales, reaching me out via email - info@personizely.net