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Utilizing at least one social media marketing app has become necessary for most mid-level businesses or those looking to take their business to the next level.

While in the past it may have been enough to simply post content and ads on the major social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, this is no longer the case.
Social media apps (not to be confused with social media platforms) have come a long way 💁🏾

Most offer two main benefits:

Allowing businesses better access to their ideal audience. Social media stories, reels, and shop page features are examples of ways companies can better market to potential customers.
Implementing functions to give marketers data into a user’s experience. For example, this data allows marketers to understand better if stories work better than reels.
Multiple mobile apps need to work in tandem to optimize your social media marketing campaigns.
We recommend utilizing 1-2 apps per category below for the ultimate success. You will notice that many of the apps featured have very similar functionalities – it is the interface changes.

Always sign up for your free trials and see which combination of apps works best for you, and then start to optimize your strategy from there.