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Most blog posts are designed around a question-and-answer exchange–so it’s common for readers to click through from search results, find the info they came for, and promptly leave.

That’s why bounce rates are often higher for blog posts, and that’s normal—but it isn’t always the ideal situation from a marketing perspective as it limits the time you have to really build a connection with readers.

Most marketers would love to see readers spend more time on their blog posts.

With that idea in mind, we wondered if there were any proven tactics marketers use to increase average time on page for their individual blog posts.

  • VP

    Viken Patel

    12 months ago #

    You have cover almost everything. I am trying to follow almost all but sometimes, I will go more straight to the point instead of giving a story. I have recently started blogging so I don't have concrete results but will surely observe and try to follow such tactics.

  • CA

    Chhavi Agarwal

    12 months ago #

    Thank you for including me! It is a great post and I have so many takeaways from it.