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Following trends is no easy task, this article got everything down for you. Oh, and the tips are so good, your conversion will last and last.

Some of the trends covered:

Minimal Design
Interactive Landing Page Design
Contrast and Custom Illustration

And many more click to read all of them below!

  • AT

    Alexandra Tachalova

    8 months ago #

    Great post, Nick! On a side note, would you personally prefer to go with a minimal or interactive design? :)

  • RY

    RainLoX Youtube

    8 months ago #

    Thank You

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    7 months ago #

    Great guide. IMHO "every page is a landing page" though.

    Dedicated landing pages that come without a menu or "home" link are often annoying and rather repel me (and I guess other experiences users as well).

    Minimal design is the way to go but not at the expense of the user experience.