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The B2C market moves fast — there are always new tactics and new channels marketers should keep an eye on. Adapting quickly to these trends is how brands stay ahead in today’s competitive market. So what should you be thinking about as you move into 2018? As a B2C marketer, you should be asking yourself hard questions like: What KPIs should we care about? What KPIs are a waste of time? How will your tech stack be changing? How will you be analyzing customer data? What is really your biggest market competition? Zaius CEO Mark Gally shares his top 5 predictions for B2C marketing in 2018, tackling these questions to help you succeed in the coming year.

  • SM

    Shanelle Mullin

    12 months ago #

    Normally I'm not a fan of prediction articles, but I have no doubt this will be genuinely useful. Thanks Cara!

    • CH

      Cara Hogan

      12 months ago #

      Haha I know, prediction articles are definitely overdone. But Mark has a solid handle on the B2C market, so I think his predictions for it specifically are pretty interesting.

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