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At the beginning of the year we published our Subscription Business Trend Predictions for 2016. With 2016 wrapping up, we’re revisiting our predictions to see how right, or wrong, we were. As an added bonus, we’re sharing where it looks like those same subscription business trends are headed in 2017...

  • JD

    Jose Domingo

    over 3 years ago #

    @authorkate Thanks for creating an awesome article on how these trends did and how they are affecting the 2016 Subscription Industry! The main point I saw which stood out to me is the first point; Customer Success. It is true that Customer Success is truly changing the Subscription Industry's landscape and adds growth to those companies. At the end, it results in customers coming back for more!

    Retention is when you customers become loyal to your brand and product. Loyalty is key to continuously grow revenue in the long term. Have someone subscribed to your service doesn't necessarily mean that they are loyal or completely satisfied. They can easily churn at any point. Loyalty Programs can exceed that Customer Satisfaction and decrease Churn. Here's an article on Loyalty in the Subscription Industry :)


    • KH

      Kate Harvey

      over 3 years ago #

      Thanks for the kind words @josesundae -- glad you enjoyed the post.

      Yes, where customer success was once looked at as a trend it is now considered the weapon of choice for subscription businesses to reduce churn and increase MRR.

      Loyalty programs seem to be used more for B2C -- do you see that as well? I also notice more B2B subscription businesses utilizing referral/affiliate programs to decrease churn.