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Are you one of the 69% of companies who use an editorial calendar for their blog content? It’s a great way to store ideas, plan upcoming content, and keep your entire content team on the same page.
…But committing to publishing content various times per week or month means you’re bound to run out of ideas.

We wanted to know how marketers resolve that problem. So, we asked 64 marketers to share their techniques for filling their editorial calendars with highly relevant topics.

(You know, the ones their audience actually want to read.)

We distilled everything we learned into 20 essential tactics for building out an effective editorial calendar. But first…

  • MC

    Moss Clement

    12 months ago #

    Hi Elise, that is an incredible list of places to find tons of topic ideas for your blog. However, I also want to add that Pinterest is a fantastic platform where you can find thousands of blog topic ideas. In fact, with Pinterest you can compile a list of ideas that would last you for a year. Moreover, the Amazon's "Look Inside" feature is also a fascinating in terms of obtaining topic ideas for your site or clients. All you have to do is, go to Amazon and enter your keyword, select the books that interest you and click the Look Inside tab. The able of content will give you more topic ideas than you can handle.

    • SM

      Spela Mlekuz

      12 months ago #

      Thanks for adding your thought, Moss.
      Pinterest is what we haven't used much for collecting ideas and honestly never used Look inside. We'll check it out, how would it work for us.