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Conflicts have a very prominent place in people’s work lives. The reasons behind them can originate from some very petty things or they can actually be legitimate problems that the parties involved have to solve so that they can progress along.

Workplace conflicts are a pain in the behind for the managers, but it can sometimes be a blessing in disguise.

You see, conflicts bring out the most deeply rooted feelings that a person has for the other person and when you get those feelings out in the open (rare as it might be), you can actually try to resolve those feelings which will greatly benefit the parties involved and benefit the company in the long run.

Conflicts originate from countless different reasons and managers have to be prepared for the imminent threat when they are dealing with a diverse group of people.

So, to maintain a sense of peace and harmony among the troops, here are 20 of the best Techniques for resolving conflicts at the workplace that your team can adapt.