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Various social media management tools offer discounts for non-profits - check out this list.

  • MH

    Momina Hussain

    about 1 month ago #

    Great and informative Article.

  • AM

    Aaron Myles

    about 1 month ago #

    True. But I don't understand why SMM and SEM specialists steer clear of tools like Likigram(https://likigram.com/); it's the easiest way to juke subscribers, likes, and views. I know that live audience it's much better, but it's more expensive. I think if you have a significant amount of subscribers, customers will trust you more.

  • AS

    alice styles

    27 days ago #

    Let me introdcue a name which is missing in this list. instazood is somehow a 24/7 discount social media tool since it has the fairest price among any other kinds of social media tools.
    TikTok automation tool, Instagram automation, Twitter auto DM, Instagram auto DM, schedulers and much more re the main features of this very cheap and useful tool.
    Make sure to try the trial and thank me later.