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20 tips for creating an outstanding CTA (call-to-action) to convert leads and do it in an attractive, fun, simple, and engaging manner.

  • KS

    Ken Savage

    22 days ago #

    “Keep the CTA on a button no longer than 5 words. Brevity is your secret power”

    I don’t necessarily agree with us but it is standard practice. I’ve tested buttons with short messaging and long. Longer seems to work best for us.

    • AG

      Artem Gladkikh

      21 days ago #

      Of course, this is the №1 rule for all the processes: test and see what works best for you!
      his is the average, like you said, a standard practice, but no one should follow it blindly :)

  • SH

    Stan Horetskyi

    22 days ago #

    Thank you for the amazing tips!

  • SD

    Shivaji D

    21 days ago #

    This indeed is very insightful.

  • RJ

    Ronald Jones

    15 days ago #

    Great read. Are you planning to create a more comprehensive guide to generate leads? Please do so, I have a great time reading this article, and I learned a lot!