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Marketing is an industry that’s always changing.

Content marketing is no different.

Staying ahead of content marketing trends can be challenging—especially when there are hundreds of new techniques, trends and “things to watch” every other week.

(Don’t believe me? Do a quick Google search for “content marketing trends” and see for yourself.)

If you’re questioning how you can jump onto these so-called trends, or even know whether they’re worth adding into your current strategy, there’s one thing that can help: B2B content marketing statistics.

Cold, hard evidence can tell you what content marketing strategies are effective for growing your business and connecting with new and existing B2B customers.

(AKA: The ones that’ll help you meet your KPIs–whether that’s an increase in organic traffic, social shares, or customers.)

That’s why I’ve got your back with this post.

In this guide, you’ll find 20 B2B content marketing statistics that every marketer should know—with a few tips on how you can put the technique into practise to see similar results:

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