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B2B decision makers like to do a lot of research before they start exploring specific solutions.
According to research from Google, 90% of B2B decision makers use search to research business purchases, conducting an average of 12 searches before they engage with specific brands.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean sales teams should sit back and wait for prospects to complete the marketing-guided portion of the buyer’s journey and land in their laps as leads.

Sales prospecting helps you find potential customers who haven’t yet realized they have a problem—and therefore haven’t turned to search for solutions.

It helps you expedite the research process so that so many searches aren’t needed, answer questions the marketing team hasn’t created content for, and create a personal connection that makes your brand stand out when it’s time to make a purchasing decision.

But if everyone’s inboxes and calendars are full and people are prone to ignoring calls from phone numbers they don’t recognize, is it even possible to succeed with sales prospecting these days?

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