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See what were the best pieces of content along the year of 2018 and how they can help you better plan your content marketing strategy in 2019.

  • RS

    Rodrigo Severo Matos

    10 months ago #

    Wow, amazing post. This will definitely help many marketers to validate their strategy for the next year. Thanks for sharing, Manoel.

  • AS

    Alanna Sousa

    10 months ago #

    Hey Manoel,

    Thanks for sharing this piece. I really appreciate the topics you gave attention to and the complementary readings you picked to better elaborate the idea.

  • FH

    Florian Hieß

    10 months ago #

    That's a great read, thanks for sharing your insight!

  • AW

    Alice Whale

    9 months ago #

    Love the mention of how the development of AI can help us content marketers do our jobs better (rather than taking them over!)

  • MM

    Marina Marinho

    10 months ago #

    Hey Manoel,

    Its a perfect overwiew for those who are thinking about planning and would like to know about the topic trends in 2019.

    Thank you very much for sharing! It has brought clear to my strategy. :)

  • KH

    Katie Hanna

    9 months ago #

    Thanks for the post. I have seen some seriously ninja stuff happening with link building in 2018 that I mean to take into 2019 with me. Tools like ahrefs and screamingfrog are really streamlining what use to take us hours and hours to do. I love the value for value aspect of it. My client and yours walking away from a transaction with better SEO is something I can definitely be a part of!

  • VK

    Viktoria Klochkova

    5 months ago #

    The heroes list is really useful for those, who only start their journey in content marketing! Thanks!

  • EE

    Ecesu Erol

    5 months ago #

    Thanks for sharing! Some of the info shared is already well known by most but the AI section at the end was certainly interesting (and helpful in getting others onboard!).

  • DA

    Dee Arnold

    4 months ago #

    This is excellent and informative. Thanks for the time and effort spent and for sharing!

  • VB

    Volha Belakurskaya

    4 months ago #

    Thanks for great insights! Really helpful.

  • HK

    Haley Kook

    about 2 months ago #

    Hey Manoel, thanks for this comprehensive post! Lots of great points to get inspiration from :)

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