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In this post I’m going to share with you 16 amazing SEO experiments that will challenge what you thought to be true about search engine optimisation. I’d even go as far as to predict these SEO studies will change the way you do SEO forever. Are you ready? Because, everything is about to change for you. Yes?

  1. Click-Through-Rate Affects Organic Rankings (And How To Use That To Your Advantage)
  2. The Industry Got It Wrong. Mobilegeddon Was Huge
  3. Link Echoes: How Backlinks Work Even After They Are Removed
  4. You Can Rank With Duplicate Content. Works Even On Competitive Keywords
  5. Number One Is NOT The ‘Top’ Spot (And What Is Now)
  6. Using HTTPS May Actually Harm Your Ranking
  7. Robots.txt NoIndex Doesn’t (Always) Work
  8. Exact Match Anchor Text Links Trump Non Anchor Match Links
  9. Link To Other Websites To Lift Your Rankings
  10. Amazing Discovery That Nofollow Links Actually Increase Your Ranking
  11. Fact: Links From Webpages With Thousands of Links Do Work
  12. Image Links Work (Really) Well
  13. Press Release Links Work. Matt Cutts Take Note
  14. First Link Bias. Proven
  15. The Surprising Influence of Anchor Text on Page Titles
  16. Negative SEO: How You Can (But Shouldn’t) Harm Your Competitors Rankings
  • ES

    Edward Stephens

    over 4 years ago #

    This article was absolutely incredible. Interesting about Mobilegeddon having so little impact.

    I'm delighted finally an article finally looked to so thoroughly debunk this.

    • FH

      Falah Hilmi

      about 1 year ago #

      I like your awesome and briefing information's and i was looking for these types of knowledge.