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Research shows that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

That’s likely why SEO is one of the marketing initiatives businesses invest in the most.

The only problem? A comprehensive SEO strategy contains everything from keyword research to fixing crawl errors and other technical issues--some of which might require different reporting frequencies. In other words, you don’t need to track everything every day. So, which SEO metrics should you track on a daily basis?

We surveyed 60 marketers on the ones they recommend. Here’s what we learned: 

  • RB

    Roman Berezhnoi

    about 2 months ago #

    Let me make several comments

    'The most important SEO metric that marketers should track daily is the primary keyword ranking'
    It isn't important as many specialists think, because this metric depends on many factors like a sezon, locations, trends. For example, we worked with one jewerly website from UK as webdesigners and webdevelopers. They asked us to make SEO audit. Website owner worried about keywords ranking, they saw drop in positions. We determined no drop in traffic but drop in keywords position was significant. The cause was the wedding of the Britain's prince. So many people searched "... ring".

    I would comment every point but it makes no sense. I think there is one metric is a business result (leads, sales, uploads, clicks, etc.).