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You designed your website to create conversions. You want visitors to make a purchase or move deeper into your sales funnel. You optimize everything on your page for this goal. But, once visitors click away, they may be gone forever. But you have one last chance to convert those visitors to leads or customers. Some marketers are afraid of adding features that may interrupt the visitor experience. However, when someone is ready to leave your site, don't you want to use every last tool you can to try one last time?

Well-designed exit-intent popups are a way to catch the eye of your potential customers before they leave. The use of beautifully designed exit intent popups can keep visitors on your site or convince them to follow your call to action. When someone shows an intent to leave by moving their mouse toward the back button or address bar or hovers toward the new tab or close options, the exit-intent popup appears with your customized call to action.

Not sure where to start? Here are 15 inspiring examples of exit-intent popups to get you inspired to think creatively about how you will catch your potential customers before they are gone forever.