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Free marketing tools.

It sounds amazing, don't get me wrong.

But more often than not, "free" in the marketing world means "free for now," or "free until you need to connect it, or send something, or actually use the damn thing."

Honestly, this post was originally going to be 30 free marketing tools. That was the goal I set myself.

But something happened as I was writing: my research revealed that many of those 30 free marketing tools weren't actually free. They were kinda free. Freeish.

The 15 marketing tools in this post aren't freeish. They're free. Forever.

And they're awesome.

They cover three categories of business growth: increasing brand awareness, increasing sales, and increasing efficiency.

And many of them you won't have heard of because their paid competitors have more money - more marketing budget.

So they've gone free to stand out. And that's where your business can cash in to grow, succeed, and drive sales.

For free.

Check it out!

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