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Email deliverability is a complex subject.

First, it takes a while before you can say with confidence that all your emails are completely deliverable and your outreach is flowing as intended. A good reputation isn’t built in a day, after all.

Second, there is no metric called “email deliverability.” Instead, several KPIs point out the state of your email deliverability and many technical factors that influence it. So, in order to make sure your emails are properly delivered, you must be able to look behind the curtains of email outreach, see how the gears turn and find out what makes it tick.

What will this knowledge give you?

  • You’ll know how to start your email deliverability test right.
  • You’ll be able to map out the steps for improving your email security and building safe communication between you and your recipients.
  • In case you hire a team to take care of your outreach, you will be able to quickly navigate your mailbox engineers through the issues that impact your performance.
  • You’ll gain a better understanding of how electronic mail transmission works and how users are identified.