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So don’t think for a second that you need to get everything right now, you simply need to start adding the various building blocks that help you achieve that end goal (more on that in a second).

  • JB

    Joseph Bentzel

    almost 5 years ago #

    I support what the author is trying to do, i.e. provide a comprehensive set of growth approaches and mechanisms. I would caution the author to be careful to cite ALL sources of his work.

    For example, in this piece the proprietary research methodology known as the Gartner Hype Cycle is displayed in full without ANY attribution to Gartner. It is simply generically described as a 'Hype Cycle'. I don't say this as a fan or groupie of Gartner but as a fan of entrepreneurism and this community discussion board.

    And while I know 'stealing' good ideas is fashionable now, I would caution the author to tread lightly with a non-attributed cut and paste of a large, global IT research firm's IP.

    I'm sure it was just an oversight and will be corrected by the author in a timely fashion.

    • SM

      Stuart McKeown

      almost 5 years ago #

      Thanks for the comments, the image itself is creative commons but I've updated to make it more clear about who owns the methodology :)

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