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Every ecommerce manager should consider these two points:

  • Out of the approximately 4.5 billion people on the planet who live in households with access to electricity, about 3 billion (two-thirds of the total) use email.
  • Email marketing done right provides an average ROI of 44:1.

Then ask and answer these two questions:

  • How much weight does your marketing strategy place on email marketing?
  • How much of your time is invested in learning and practicing email marketing best practices?

If you see even a little bit of a gap or disconnect between the potential of email marketing and your company’s current focus on email marketing, then we’ve really good news for you: in that gap lies great opportunity.

Let’s look at conversion rate optimization (CRO) best practices in general, then narrow down to look at conversion-centered best practices for email marketing.

A few minutes here can help you ramp up your company’s email marketing strategy and provide ideas worth millions to the bottom line...

  • DS

    Don Sturgill

    almost 2 years ago #

    Thanks, guys, for running this article. The biggest mistake I find most businesses make with email is not using it enough. Done right, it's a relationship builder.

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