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“91% of Consumers Use Email At Least Daily” — ExactTarget. So building an email list is a must. Email marketing is going to remain a top priority for companies in 2016-a survey says. I know you will be surprised to know that how your competition has grown such a vast email list. You may be wishing you had a larger audience of your content and able to build a huge email list. Believe me; you are not alone. Email proves, again and again, it’s the best way to engage customer, blog readers. Fans and others. Even with the rush of social media options, the best response rates comes from email.That’s why you need to build an email list, grow it, and optimize it for your needs.

  • AS

    Abrar Shahriar

    about 3 years ago #

    We all know that, social media is the most easiest ways and potential resources to collect lead and customers.
    You superbly described the techniques " how to optimize those"

    I fond of the #3 Custom facebookapp (ActionSprought) to utilize the petition form to grow up my email list.

  • AM

    ali mirza

    about 3 years ago #

    Saba this list is super.. btw I <3 the idea of adding "lead gen. pages" on the social profile bio :)

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