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When you’re just starting out with influencer marketing, you might have a lot of questions.
And you might feel like it’s challenging to launch an influencer marketing campaign. But don’t worry, we’re here to clear your doubts.
Here are the most pressing influencer marketing questions and their answers to help you:

  • RB

    Roman Berezhnoi

    8 months ago #

    It seems a trending channel of marketing which is overvalued. Also, it is additional channel of sales or promotion because many people don't trust influencers. There are many examples when influencers promoted low-quality goods or did a promotion in poor way.
    So, it is one of way to promote a product or company but it don't better than others.

    It’s a common misperception that influencer marketing requires a big budget.
    But in reallity the influencer marketing require a big budget. So, you need to allocate marketing budget.