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Each desk has a personality similar to its owner. So we went hunting for the best workstations in the marketing field. We wanted to find out what type of personality they have based on their workstation. Stay with us on this journey and you’ll discover:  * how we paved our path to delivering the “coolest workspaces in the digital marketing world”; * which marketers accepted the challenge, and disclosed their office spaces/coworking spaces; * who they are; * their pics and must-have gadgets, and eventually; * what to learn from this experience.   These are the professionals who spiced up our “Cool Marketing Workstations” list: - Jack Meredith, Kettle & Fire; - Eduardo Yi, Teachable; - Wilson Hung, Kettle & Fire; - Sean Bestor, Former Sumo; - Tomas Laurinavicius, Entrepreneur; - Benjamin Beck, SEO Expert; - Sol Orwell, Examine.com; - Ty Magnin, Appcues; - Derric Haynie, Vulpine Interactive; - Sujan Patel, WebProfits; - Benji Hyam, Wordable; - Aardon Orendorff, iconiContent

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