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In ecommerce, you’re only as good as your product pages. You can have the best products, the most effective Facebook ads, and more traffic than any of any of your competitors, but if your product pages aren’t optimized to influence and drive conversions, you’re not going to make it.

Building a successful ecommerce business isn’t about figuring out how to put your products online. It’s about knowing how to motivate people to buy.

To inspire people to buy your products, you have to think strategically when it comes to your product pages.

You have to be intentional about everything—from the words you write and the images you use, to the design you present and the experience you create for visitors.

Jason Amunwa, Director of Products at Digital Telepathy, says it best in a blog post from Kissmetrics about product page optimization. He writes:

“Each visitor that makes it to a product page represents the heavy lifting and money spent to get them there. The product page is not the time to squander that hard work. It’s up to you to create a user experience that gives the visitor what they need to become a customer.” — Jason Amunwa

So where do you begin?

  • KK

    Katy Katz

    over 4 years ago #

    Great read as always, William! Your first point about images is spot on. The cliche about pictures speaking a thousand words is truer than ever when it comes to ecommerce. Images should certainly be high quality, but to add to that, there should be consistent brand standards that can be felt throughout the product pages and the marketing materials.